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Pope Francis meeting members of the Cursillos in Christianity movement

in the Paul VI Hall - RV         30/04/2015 16:22                   Read Full Article @ Vatican Radio website


(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday evening in the Paul VI Hall greeted the Cursillos in Christianity movement who are in Rome for their European meeting and who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the group in Italy.

There was also a questions to the Holy Father from members of the movement.

Cursillos in Christianity is a Catholic movement that was founded by a group of laymen in 1944 in Majorca, Spain.

The charism of the Cursillo focuses on giving Christian lay people the tools needed to become effective Christian leaders over the course of a three-day weekend. They in turn are asked to take what they have learned back out into the world.

In his prepared remarks the Pope told the estimated 7,000 cursillista’s gathered in the Paul VI Hall that they were called to build on the charism that the Lord has entrusted to them.

He said the pioneers of the movement were authentic missionaries and did not hesitate to take the initiative and bravely approach people, to help them on their journey of faith.

The Holy Father urged those present to follow their example, and the infinite love of Christ that frees and transforms lives

He said, I encourage you to go beyond", faithful to your charism! To keep alive the zeal, the fire of the Spirit that always compels the followers of Christ to reach those on the peripheries, to "step out of their comfort zone and have the courage to reach all the suburbs that need the light of the Gospel".

Pope Francis finally urged the participants to help the men and women of today to discover the beauty of faith and a life of grace, but in a way that is guided by humility.

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